Privacy Policy

The techno e-shop, an online store, respects your privacy. Your use of and other websites we operate is governed by our privacy policy. If you have any inquiries concerning our policy, get in touch with us. By publishing a new version of this policy on this website, techno e-shop reserves the right to change it at any time. Any data we already have on you that we obtained before the change took effect will not be affected by such changes.

What Data Do We Gather at Techno’s Online Store?

Your name and contact information, including a phone number, address, and email, can be given to techno e-shop when corresponding with them via their websites or other means. Any correspondence you offer to us in the years to come, including emails and letters, may be saved in its entirety. techno e-shop does not currently use cookies, which are small data files saved to your computer’s hard drive by your browser. After you submit an inquiry, your information might be saved in our query management system. If you are a patient who has enrolled with us, your information will be stored on a server with high-tech security features. Both situations offer complete security as supplied by current technology.

Utilization of Information

Potential clients are informed of the most recent service information by techno e-shop through emails, newsletters, and snail mail. We collect this data through our online presence and other means so that you can learn more about the service. You could receive a call or email from the techno e-shop. Emails from techno e-shop to users of the website may also contain data regarding their accounts and changes to any relevant agreements or rules. techno e-shop does not provide any information whatsoever to third parties that could be used to identify any of our customers, depending on our quantitative or other data.

Data Protection

Any data that customers decide to provide to us is safeguarded by techno e-shop in compliance with standards for security and confidentiality that have been widely recognized in the business world. Our staff may require information about you in order to maintain your accounts accurately or otherwise meet your needs. We may also need access to information about you in order to consider your request for new services, defend our legal interests, or enforce any agreements we have with you. We may always demand access to cutting-edge technology to protect data. Our employees are aware of and adhere to these data requirements because of their training.

When it comes to sharing personally identifiable information about you, techno e-shop will never do so unless we have thoroughly consulted you and obtained your consent, as required by law.

Consensual Accord

If we use our clients’ names while using their testimonies or photos, we will request additional consent unless we are confident that the images won’t violate any secrecy or privacy. Furthermore, health-related data may be used for statistical analyses without revealing names, pictures, or any other information that could be used to identify an individual.

You have the option to tell us in writing, via mail, or through our client support system if you want to share the details of your life with someone else. If you aren’t interested in getting specific messages from the techno e-shop, you can decline the service provided upon registration, or you may notify us that you do not wish to get such messages in the future. You can also request that your information be removed from the database we maintain. We will comply with all demands for these communications, whether they are required by law, to protect our interests, or to administer your account.